ONYX Collective is a group of like minded Calgarians. We see a better future for the city and work to make it so. Our committee is mainly involved in:

I. Producing events that improve Calgary’s cultural and social scene

II.Raising awareness for charities and non-profits

III. Connecting and melding a variety of industries and individuals

ONYX also engages in social activities while fostering a sense of community spirit. Running community activities and events can build a stronger sense of connection within our city, encouraging a positive communication between the local residents and a sense of the greater good.


  1. The chair, vice-chair and treasurer and other key board members will meet once a quarter to determine new strategies and goals for raising awareness and money for local charities and non-profits throughout Calgary.
  2. All members of ONYX Collective are responsible for bringing their needs, concerns, complaints and suggestions to the chair by emailing: members@onyxcollective.ca
  3. Only board members are permitted at meetings except in special circumstances, however meeting minutes will be taken at each quarterly meeting and can be attaiend by emailing: members@onyxcollective.ca
  4. Sponsors, charities and partners will all be reviewed by the board prior to engagement to ensure that they are in line with the ONYX Collective mission.
  5. The ONYX Collective is dedicated to making a positive change in the city. All efforts by this group must strive to be in the spirit of making a dedicated, positive change.

Members are required to pay a non-refundable admission fee of $5 for entrance to the group and their application can be rejected or approved at the discretion of the ONYX Collective Chairman.